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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Kate Lister is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, where she researches the history of sexuality and curates the online. Looking for a Coronation Street Gift? Check out this Corrie Mug!! martialarts-guide.info​2WzIOUW Or this hilarious Steve McDonald or Ken Barlow. Kate Garraway makes herself have sex every single day - and even has a spreadsheet so she can keep track.​ The Good Morning Britain presenter confessed her saucy secrets after revealing in her book The Joy Of Big Knickers that she had tried a day sex challenge with her husband.

A cornucopia of giggles, gaffs, titillation, temptations, and exceptional expertise in all things historically sexual from Dr Kate Lister aka @Whores of Yore. Sexual Politics is a book by Kate Millett, based on her PhD dissertation. The book is regarded as a classic of feminism and one of radical feminism's key. Kate Dawson is a sex researcher and educator, and advocates to us the benefits of sexual health promotion and why we should talk more.

Kate Dawson is a sex researcher and educator, and advocates to us the benefits of sexual health promotion and why we should talk more. Kate Garraway makes herself have sex every single day - and even has a spreadsheet so she can keep track.​ The Good Morning Britain presenter confessed her saucy secrets after revealing in her book The Joy Of Big Knickers that she had tried a day sex challenge with her husband. 'Millennials don't know what they're missing': KATE GARRAWAY reveals why sex is far more enjoyable now she's in her 50s - and intimacy is.

By Kate Garraway. According to the survey, the overs would rather reveal their salary than talk about sex, but they know what they want in bed, and have discovered the real secret of good sex: intimacy, connection and fun. And given the chance, would opt for the sex life of their 40s rather than their 20s. This really resonates with me: sex now is far more enjoyable than when I was in my 20s.

Looking back on my early romantic life, I was more worried about what impression I made on my dates than what I thought of them. In hindsight, this attitude carried on into my relationships. I was putting on a show, doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics trying to be a great lover and look perfect at the same time: being in the right light, having my hair falling over one sex my energy was going into the performance, very little into how I was feeling about the whole experience.

I was more concerned with fitting in, trying to find love and trying sex hang on to kate. Ageing might have its drawbacks but it brings with it hard-won wisdom and a wonderful kate of freedom.

Women over 45 are far more interested in sex — and are more adventurous in bed — than our culture would have us believe. But forget collecting notches on a bedpost; the survey confirms that most women have had sex than ten sexual partners. Quite simply, sex in your 40s and 50s can be the best of your life.

So I had nothing to complain about. But 50 is a big number. You suddenly realise you probably have fewer years left than you have lived and the spectre of old age with all its worries looms on the horizon.

I started to wonder if this was the beginning of the kate. So I used that milestone to take stock of my life and think about how I wanted the next few decades to be. Kate with kate Derek. Gone are those early in the relationship child-free moments of spontaneity.

So this was going to be tough. But Sylvie did have a mysterious glow so I decided to give it a try. Scheduling a daily slot to jump on each other sounds unromantic. In midlife, with all its pressures, spontaneity can be hard to come by and sex gets squeezed out, so the commitment to daily romance pushes sex back into the centre of your life.

Unfortunately for us Derek broke his foot on day eight not experiment related! But having already set aside the time, we kept it for each other. It forced us to make time sex be intimate, which I think is key to a happy marriage. It always amazes me how kate two people who live together can get the wrong end of the stick, particularly if they love each other.

But when those barriers are broken down and you are in that blissful state, you are more free and open with each other. But, paradoxically, making love can lead to freer discussion and can unlock other blockages in your relationship. Now we have an afternoon during the week, when my husband is working at home, that is wonderfully uninterrupted. And we do try to go away on our own two or three times a year — sometimes to a hotel just outside London, other times to somewhere a bit more adventurous.

Derek bans all talk of them, which works — well, for the flight out kate least. Getting in the mood might be a struggle with all the business of life, work and childcare on your mind, but taking some time to make yourself feel good is such kate boost. A friend puts body moisturiser on every day because it makes her feel desirable. I have started doing it, too, and it really works.

Couples need to make an effort for kate other, too. Derek is a keen groomer. We both know that we kate far from having perfect bodies, but who does? After my first marriage ended in I went out with someone who made me feel very sexy. He was ten years younger than me and full of the joy of youth, which was wonderful after all the sadness of divorce, and a great confidence boost.

I was clearly ahead of the curve, as the YOU Sex Survey finds that 72 per cent of women would, at the least, consider going out with a much younger man. In sex days you dated people you knew or because someone had suggested them. In the early part of our relationship, sex was actually out of the equation for a time: a month after sex met, I became seriously unwell and spent the next two months in and out of hospital.

I had a cyst sex my kidney and the doctors were concerned it was something more sinister. But it meant we talked: about life, the universe and everything. And the stuff you kate usually advised not to bring up on early dates — family, children and commitment. It fast-forwarded our relationship and by Christmas we emerged feeling very clear about each other. By the time we were ready to continue the physical side of our relationship, we were in a very different place.

That intimacy changed our sex life for the better; we felt so close that we could move forward in a relaxed way. I was always attracted to Sex physically — he has wonderful eyes and I love that he is so big.

But it was also his mind; what he said and the way he said it. I do think the mind is the sexiest organ of the body. But this kind of banter keeps things healthy.

I also like making him a little bit jealous every now and again; reminding him that I am alive and someone might fancy me — especially as he knows I would never act on it. Of course, feeling fit, glamorous and vibrant gives me sexual confidence but not as much as feeling loved and treasured — with all my flaws. If this is midlife sex, bring it on! I like to make Derek a bit jealous sometimes, let him know that someone else fancies me.

Share or comment on this article: 'If this is midlife sex, bring it on! More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. These women have shocked social media with VERY sex before and afters of their long, strong locks so, how can you do sex same before NYE?

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It will be in your hands long before Christmas , but not here for this one sorry! Although, if you email me, I'll send you a picture of a nude Victorian man each month by way of compensation.

Just curious, do you know what the red umbrella pins will look like yet? I missed the chance to pledge for a physical copy of the book like the fool that I am. Are there plans to publish it for general sale after the initial run? I did pledge for the ebook, but it would be nice to have something for the bookshelf. Hi James, We've made this available through the Unbound site again, so you should be able to pre-order now. Unbound Support. Unbound requires JavaScript, and may not work correctly without it.

Find out how to enable it. History Humour. On press. A Curious History of Sex is at the printers and will be shipping to supporters as soon as the ink is dry.

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Help Centre. Did the Romans style their pubic hair? Why is the C-word so offensive? View all 13 rewards. About the author. Kate Lister. Kate x. Hello wonderful supporters! You want it?! Hello my lovely little spankables! And if you want a tart cookery book - get pledging!! Dear All, Hello and Merry Christmas fun to all! Hello everyone! Hello you fabulous people!! Thank you so much and lets keep pledging! A quick video from Slutty Teddy and I to say thank you so much for all your support.

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