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Sparring Basics

Two or more practitioners who are either unarmed or armed often perform Sparring. There is a specific routine for this kind of activity, and what are usually shown are offense and defense techniques.

Tai Chi Sparring

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan (taijiguan) or Taiji, is commonly translated as Supreme Ultimate Fist and is known throughout the world as a Chinese martial art that combines the principles of self defense with the mental and physical fitness.

Karate Sparring

Karate sparring, known as kumite, is one of the three most important segments of karate training, along with kata and kihon. It is a sort of exercise performed between at least two karate practitioners.

Sparring Partner: The Toughest and Worst Job in Sport

Have you experienced being beaten up with you unable to fight back? Did your friend at party punch you in the nose last night? Alternatively, did one of your friends crack your rib and cut your tongue with a right hand?

Sparring Partner Punching Bag Training

Many people still use the sparring partner punching bag primarily as a training device for all types of kicking and punching martial arts. However, if training on a sparring partner punching bag is not properly performed, it may be harmful to the sparer.

West Midlands Sparring Clubs

Currently living in West Midlands, UK? Got an interest in martial arts or sparring? Or, are you looking for reputable West Midlands sparring clubs where you can participate on sparring classes or sessions

Taekwondo Sparring

The Korea’s national sport, Taekwondo, has long been considered as the most popular and most practiced martial arts in the world. It has evolved over time from a Korean martial art to an Olympic sporting event. Let’s a take a look at this.