Martial Arts Exercises for Beginners

A Martial Artist who is skilled and professional spends many years in attempting to perfect his techniques and skills by performing a lot of different exercises.

He performs exercises trying to focus on his speed, strength, endurance and flexibility. It takes a skilled martial art trainer to provide the best training on martial arts to his students especially beginners.

Martial Arts Exercises for beginners must start with the basic first and then move on to the advanced exercises. Martial arts exercises are found to bring about a lot of benefits for our health especially the heart and our muscles.

Here are a few martial arts exercises for beginners:

Martial Arts Exercises

Slow Kicks

This is one of the most basic exercises in a martial arts class. This exercise is performed by lifting one of the knees and then extending the leg slowly to the front.

After the leg is completely extended to the front it is brought back to the bent position and then to the original position. This is repeated for about 8 times with each leg.

Rapid Punches

Another basic exercise of beginners of martial arts would be punching rapidly. The person is asked to stand with legs spread apart, may be more than his shoulder width and then with bent knees and hands on their hips.

Punches are performed by asking the person to punch at an imaginary target with one hand at a time in rapid motion. This exercise helps to improve the speed of the person and is also good for the cardiovascular system.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is an important part of martial exercises as it helps improves the functioning of the limbs. Stretching can be done with the legs lifted to the front initially and then to the sides.

This is done alternatively by both the legs taking shifts. Stretches can help one improve his level of flexibility very faster and easier.