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Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Sparring has always been an important part of every form of martial arts, which is a system of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. It is generally considered for exhibitions and tournaments for one particular purpose, that is, to find out the person’s level of skill in particular contexts.

There are two variants of martial arts sparring: the light or medium contact and the full contact sparring. Both of these forms, however, are used in trainings and competitions with certain set of common rules.

Light or Medium Contact Martial Arts Sparring

In light or medium contact martial arts sparring, a point-based system of light to medium contact sparring in a marked off area of the body is the focus of interest. However, the competitors engaging in this form of martial arts sparring is required to wear the right martial arts sparring gear, particularly foam padding. There are also certain parts of the body that are prohibited for contacts and must be protected by the proper martial arts sparring gear. These body parts include the face and groin. Certain techniques may also be prohibited in this martial arts sparring option, and the points of the match are generally awarded to the competitors on the solid landing of one technique employed.

Full Contact Martial Arts Sparring

On the other hand, the full-contact version of martial arts sparring is often pursued by the martial arts practitioners who share the same interest in a realistic unarmed combat. Here, you will notice an absence of the martial arts sparring gear. For example, in Kyokushin, which is a variant of karate, the practitioners fight or engage in martial arts sparring wearing no more than a martial arts sparring gear like a groin guard for protection. What is taken importance of here is the use of full force in order to either disable the opponent, by knock out or direct submission of defeat.

However, unlike the other forms of fighting, the full-contact martial arts sparring have maintained a full variety of permitted attacks and contact zones on the body, excluding a limited number of prohibited techniques like biting, striking of the groin, or attacking the eyes. These attacks are forbidden for the reason that such particular areas of the body are unprotected by the proper martial arts sparring gears, as well as for the fact that martial arts sparring was designed to be safe.

Safety Factor fro Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Speaking of safety, whether you want to engage in light or medium contact or full contact sparring, it is still highly advised that you wear the proper martial arts sparring gear regardless of your level of proficiency. This rule of wearing the right martial arts sparring gear is in fact included in the overall guidelines of every martial arts sparring tournaments or exhibitions. The martial arts sparring gears are suggested for use especially for the beginners knowing the fact the sparring can be deadly if truly used.

Therefore, if you are currently thinking of joining any form of martial arts sparring, then it is now time for you to shop for the top quality martial arts sparring gears. Note that these supplies can now be found online, with lots of companies and online stores out there on the web offering the proper martial arts sparring gears for your ultimate sparring experience.

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