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The martial art known as Ninjutsu is very secret, with a much-clouded history. The history is not documented that entire well, as most of what is known about the martial art is that which has been passed down from generation to generation. Many historical records state families from the Koga region as being the creators to this very secret style.

Over 70 different Ninjutsu Ryu have been identified and discovered over the years, however most of them have died out. A majority of them were created around a set of specific techniques and skills, although when those skills of a specific Ryu were no longer needed or wanted, the Ryu seems to die out and fade away from existence.

The Art of Ninjutsu and Ninja’s

The art of Ninjutsu is best associated with the ninja’s from ancient Japan . The ninja’s are famous all around the world, for their stealth and much secreted life. The ninja is known to have gone through very tough and demanding training, which hardly anyone really knows about. Those that were actual ninja’s are either dead, or not allowed to let anyone know their identity.

During the 1980's, when the ninja trend really hit the United States , the instructors of Ninjutsu popped out all over the place, making black a very happening color. Years later, the trend seemed to die out, and there are not that many people trying to learn the art.

The Meaning of Ninjutsu

In regards to the art, the term of Ninjutsu does not actually refer to any certain style, but rather a group of the martial arts, with each one having its own view that is expressed with each of the different Ryu. The Ryu vary, meaning that one may focus on one certain physical dynamic, while the next may be focused on redirection.

What many people are not aware of is the fact that Ninjutsu involves both unarmed and armed fighting skills, along with philosophy, strategy, and history. A few dojo’s offer the art, many of them being quite comprehensive with the way they teach.

During combat, Ninjutsu focuses on distance, posture, and flow. Stylists are taught to react to every movement, and respond in ways that will place them in the advantage position. From being in a position of advantage, the stylist can effectively change the outcome of the encounter - quickly going from negative to positive.

The entire body of those that practice the martial art is provided with most advantage and power by instruction and training. Ninjutsu is famous in Japan . It is a very secretive martial art, yet very powerful. The techniques can be used or self-defense, along with stealth. If you can find a dojo that teaches it, it can be a great martial art to learn.

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