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TKD Sparring Clips

TKD or Tae Kwon Do sparring is a martial art that is physically demanding. Although it is often identified as a free form fighting in which students exchange dynamic kicks from the basic pushing kicks to aerial and spinning kicks, TKD sparring requires proper understanding of the principles of the art, including its philosophies. It needs proper training and attention to details for it could be deadly if truly applied. So, if you are currently practicing TKD, but want to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills about the art, then you might need proper guides. Perhaps one of the best guides is the TKD sparring clips.

TKD sparring clips are now highly accessible online and offline. They are offered at most martial arts stores and martial arts clubs or associations. You can even find them in one of your friend’s martial arts collection of TKD sparring clips. What’s more nice to know is the fact that TKD sparring clips can now be found online with lots of sites out there featuring TKD sparring videos.

Now, if you have that strong interest in you to spar and to learn the techniques involved in TKD sparring through the TKD sparring clips, then I recommend you the following:

Turtle Press TKD Sparring Clips

Turtle Press has maintained a library of TKD sparring clips. The clips stored in their library are generally streaming Real Video clips that are compiled from different DVDs. However, according to some claims I’ve read, the quality of the TKD sparring clips of Turtle Press is poorer than that of the actual DVDs, but each clip is great enough for you to get started. The clips, although not so good in quality, can at least give you a taste of the type of action features on the actual DVD.

Since the Turtle Press TKD sparring clips are accessible online through, it is important to note that the clips can only be viewed with a real player. Oops! You don’t need to worry about finding this real player for it is offered for free download right at Just note that before you consider downloading the player, make sure that you have a faster modem. Experts at Turtle Press say that if you have a 56K or slower modem, chances are the TKD sparring clips may be cloudy due to the speed of the modem. This does not, however, reflect the quality of the actual DVDs.

Findoo TKD Sparring Clips

Findoo, one of the known companies offering video and image hosting on the net, currently features a number of TKD sparring clips shared by TKD junkies. Since the site presents a wide selection of TKD sparring clips, you are then required to choose which of the available clips you wanted to view. To mention, one of the top-rated TKD sparring clips is the one shared by Sikkandersha, which is titled as Tae Kwon Do vs. Muay Thai Tae Kwon Do. This particular clip was shared just recently, and you can also find this at There are other clips featured at this site, most are available for download.

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