Wing Chun Health Benefits

Wing Chun is a style of Chinese martial arts. It was basically developed for training women on self defense system. Eventually it became more popular with both men and women for its value and training on strength and size.

Wing Chun offers lot of health benefits. Some of wing Chun health benefits are improvement of strength of legs, upper body strength, etc. On an overall benefit it focuses on total body fitness and health. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Health Benefits


Wing Chun is a skill which trains both the side of the bodies, say the left and right.  It trains the student to use various techniques like defensive strike, jab attack etc simultaneously which in turn improves the motor skills of the student.

Using these techniques requires synchronization of different parts of the body.

Stress Management:

Training on Wing Chun helps a person to focus on the present and not think about problems on what went wrong before, that is past. If focus is improved, it will help a person to get rid of stress which clears the mind and will result in better outcome in whatever work a person does.

Builds Internal Energy and Wellness:

Slow practice of Wing Chun will build in lot of internal energy into a person. Also learning this, will result in over all wellness and help in self healing. This art requires very small space for practice.

Better Reflex:

In Wing Chun both the touches as well as visual reflexes are taught. This results in improvement of muscle recall. A person with good reflex can re-act to everything at a faster pace.

Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength is created by the primary training in Wing Chun that is punching. The “horse stance” is a common stance used for practicing punches. It also trains the legs and improves the posture.

Improves Speed and Power:

 If trained correctly Wing Chun offers very high reaction speed and volatile powers in a person. For this reason only, they were taught as self defense techniques for women.

Leg Stamina:

In Wing Chun, the static standing posture form is one of the primary exercises used to increase the stamina and power of a new student’s legs. The first step of this training requires the student to stand for 10 min and then gradually the duration is increased with the due course of time.

The purpose of this standing posture is to build substantial endurance and strength in the leg muscles; this position further coaches the student good posture, body alignment and intensifies the stance root, as it continues strengthening and toning important muscle groups.